Dedicated to Bringing Medical Breakthroughs to Life


Saluda Medical was established in 2013 with the
goal of commercializing four years of research
from NICTA, Australia’s information communications
technology center of excellence.


Our team is made up of world-class engineers, clinicians and seasoned professionals with experience in bringing medical technologies to life.


Our company is founded on a strong foundation of science and we are dedicated to developing breakthrough medical technologies to improve the lives of our patients.



Great Science Produces Great Outcomes For Patients



  • We believe great science produces great outcomes for patients
  • We work as a team, sharing our knowledge and data
  • You can’t improve what you can’t measure
  • Quality matters to us, in everything we do
  • We ask “How can we?” instead of saying why it can’t be done
  • We are proud of what we have achieved and excited about what we plan to achieve
  • People are the source of inspiration and innovation
  • We are committed to commercial success and long term profitability to ensure we are always there for our patients